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“Kibolebole began in 2011. It is an Educational Institution that is dedicated to helping students achieve mastery of the fundamental academic subjects so that they will be able and willing to take on the responsibility of helping Afikans to achieve Sovereignty.

We use the Warrior-Healer-Builder paradigm developed by AYA Educational Institute to examine content knowledge, learning processes, and the effects of oppression and culture on educational outcomes and personal development. These findings are implemented at Kibolebole and partner institutions. We offer a variety of classes including: Afterschool Classes, Online Classes and Adult Classes. We also provide consultations and training to groups and individuals who wish to address these issues.

I hold a Bachelor of Science from Spelman College where I majored in Physics and Minored in Mathematics. After graduation I joined the Physics Education Research Group at Spelman where I continued the research I began as student and increased my understanding of how students come to understand math and science. I also studied at the Montessori Institute of Atlanta where I gained important insight into the development of young children.

I am mother of twelve year old Ayodele and four year old Aperin. I have been wife to Baoku for 18 years. I look forward to speaking with you about your child’s education.”

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