AYA Educational Institute

AYA Educational Institute
Contact Name: Wekesa Madzimoyo

It was in the summer of 1998 that AYA got started. I remember it well. We were passing out flyers all over the Atlanta metro area. Wow, have we grown since then. Today we have youth and adult students all over the US, Bermuda and Trinadad too. We’ve extended our collaboration with other organizations and learned better how to serve our people. Over these years we’ve been unwavering in our mission. Through its various programs and publications, AYA’s mission is to provide educational services for children, youth and adults that facilitate Africans and Africans in the Diaspora developing A HIGH motivation to achieve academically and socially based on a clear African identity and commitment to serve the African community first. A track record of demonstrable academic and social excellence A HIGH degree of self love, cultural love, people-hood consciousness and active extension for African economic and political strength A ZERO degree of dependency on those that have and continue to oppress us.

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